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Welcome to the 2015 Edition of 6.034

Road map:

To see how 6.034 outcomes relate to the outcomes of other subjects in the Course 6 curriculum, see the graphical display in the 6.034 Curricular Goals Map

Logistical stuff:

Reference stuff:

  • Labs (also known as "problem sets")

Note that the current TA mailing list is 6.034-2015-support at


30 September 2015

Quiz 1 will be returned in recitations next Monday and Tuesday. After Tuesday, you may pick up your quiz from Prof. Winston's office when he is in. Thresholds are:

Thorough understanding (5) Acceptable understanding (4) Some understanding (3) / needs work
Problem 1: Rule-Based Systems ≥ 35 ≥ 31 ≥ 26
Problem 2: Search ≥ 26 ≥ 22 ≥ 18
Problem 3: Games ≥ 27 ≥ 23 ≥ 20
Total ≥ 88 ≥ 76 ≥ 64

29 September 2015

Quiz 1 is tomorrow during class time (10 AM). Half of you will take the quiz in Walker, half in 10-250, enabling less crowded conditions. Locations:

  • Family name A-L: Walker, 3rd floor
  • Family name M-Z: 10-250

24 September 2015

Final has been scheduled for Wednesday, 16 December, 9am-12pm, Johnson.

23 September 2015

Good news! If you have been unable to submit labs through Windows, we have found a solution. The source of the problem is Python versions 2.6.5 through 2.7.3. The recommended solution is to install a version of Python >= 2.7.4 or <= 2.6.4; we recommend the latest stable release, Python 2.7.10.

19 September 2015

The online tester for Lab 2 is now live! If you have already downloaded the files for Lab 2, you will need to add a patch to Simply copy all the lines from patch.txt and paste them at the bottom of your file. (If you have not yet downloaded Lab 2, the files in and online are already up-to-date as of 4pm today, so no need to patch.)

Second, we are trying to understand our tester's incompatibility with certain combinations of Windows and Python versions. If you have successfully or unsuccessfully submitted a lab on Windows, you can help us by telling us your Windows and Python versions using this form, or by e-mail to jmn@.

16 September 2015

If you wish to try out the Genesis story understanding system, you can load it using Java's Webstart feature.

13 September 2015

We have finished assigning recitation sections based on your preferences and have sent welcome e-mails to each section. If you have not received an e-mail, or if you would like to view/switch your recitation at any time, you can visit (certificates required).

You are welcome to attend multiple recitations if you like; in any case, we'll use your official recitation to return quizzes to you.

June 2015

In the fall semester of 2015, 6.034 will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 to 11. Most, but not all of Professor Winston's lectures will be on Monday and Wednesday. On many, but not all Fridays, you will learn about what is happening in the field right now from someone who is doing work right now in an area related to the Monday and Wednesday lectures.

Examinations will cover material from the traditional lectures as well as the right-now lectures. It will be extremely difficult to field questions on the right-now material if you do not attend the right-now lectures because the material is not yet in textbooks or, in many cases, published papers.

Recitations (previously known as "tutorials") will meet weekly on Monday and Tuesday. On the first day of class, you will fill out a form that will enable us to assign you to a recitation.

6.034 is no longer offered in the spring term.

More details will emerge during the first lecture on Wednesday, 9 September 2014.

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