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Currently released labs

None yet

Anticipated lab release schedule

Labs are due by 10pm on the due date.

Labs are anticipated to be released by 11:59 pm on the release date.

Lab Subject Released Due
lab 0 Getting started 9/7 9/13
lab 1 Rule-based systems 9/12 9/20
lab 2 Search 9/14 9/22
lab 3 Games 9/19 9/26
lab 4 Constraint satisfaction problems 9/29 10/14
lab 5 Nearest neighbors & ID trees 10/3 10/21
lab 6 Neural nets 10/20 11/2
lab 7 Support Vector Machines 10/26 11/4
lab 8 Bayesian Inference 11/14 11/22
lab 9 Adaboost 11/21 11/30

The online grader

You will be submitting all of your labs to an online grader. Every lab comes with a file,, that contains the machinery to test your code and to submit it when you're done.

In order for this to work, you need to securely download a "key" that identifies who you are to the grader.

Make sure you have an MIT certificate, and go to . This will give you a file called Keep this file secure; for example, don't put it in a publicly-readable Athena directory.

The only thing the grader cares about is whether you pass the tests. It does not care if your code is pretty or well-commented. However, commenting your code can still be important: if you want a TA to help you with your lab, they will be able to give you more help if your code is understandable.

The grader also submits the code to your lab, so that it can be reviewed later by a human. It should go without saying that you should not try to fool or work around the grader, and that the code you submit must be the code you tested. See our grading and collaboration policy, which also explains how your problem set grade is calculated.

Viewing your grades

You can view your lab grades and all of your previous submissions here.

Note that each lab grade is the maximum score out of all of your submissions for that lab. This means that if you re-submit a lab and the command line output shows a lower grade, your grade for the lab will not actually decrease.

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