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This page will change to reflect up-to-date changes in office hours (e.g. sudden cancellations, additions, or room changes.)

Final Review Sessions

We will hold final review sessions on Saturday, December 16 and Sunday, December 17 in 32-141. There will be a 1-hour review for each quiz topic, following the schedule below.

Saturday Times Topic
Sat 11 AM SVM (Quiz 3)
Sat 12 PM Neural Nets (Quiz 3)
Sat 1 PM Break
Sat 2 PM Games (Quiz 1)
Sat 3 PM Search (Quiz 1)
Sat 4 PM Rule-Based Systems (Quiz 1)

Sunday Times Topic
Sun 11 AM Bayes (Quiz 4)
Sun 12 PM Boosting (Quiz 4)
Sun 1 PM Break
Sun 2 PM k-Nearest Neighbors (Quiz 2)
Sun 3 PM Identification Trees (Quiz 2)
Sun 4 PM Constraint Propagation (Quiz 2)

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