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This page will change to reflect up-to-date changes in office hours (e.g. sudden cancellations, additions, or room changes.)

Final Review Sessions

We will hold final review sessions on Friday, December 11 in 56-154. There will be a 1-hour review for each quiz topic, following the schedule below.

If you haven't picked up your past quizzes, you may do so in 56-154 between review sessions (eg 10:55am - 11:05am).

Time Topic
10 AM k-Nearest Neighbors & Identification Trees (Quiz 2)
11 AM Constraint Satisfaction (Quiz 2)
12 PM -- (break) --
1 PM Neural Nets (Quiz 3)
2 PM Support Vector Machines (Quiz 3)
3 PM Adaboost (Quiz 4)
4 PM Bayesian Inference (Quiz 4)
5 PM -- (break) --
6 PM -- (break) --
7 PM Rule-Based Systems (Quiz 1)
8 PM Search (Quiz 1)
9 PM Games (Quiz 1)

Weekly Office Hour Schedule

Feel free to visit any TA's office hours.

Time TA Room Notes
Monday 2PM-4PM Ryan Alexander 38-166
Tuesday 3PM-5PM Eeway Hsu 26-322
Tuesday 7PM-9PM Ben Greenberg 38-166
Wednesday 12PM-1PM Sarah Vente 26-322
Wednesday 1PM-2PM Sarah Vente 26-314
Wednesday 3PM-5PM Robert Luo 34-303
Thursday 7PM-9PM Veronica Lane 34-303
Thursday 11AM-12PM Jessica Noss 34-301 Cancelled this week (12/10)
Thursday 12PM-2PM Neil Gurram 34-304
Thursday 2PM-3PM Jessica Noss 24-316 12/10 Eeway will cover second half
Friday 3PM-5PM Mycal Tucker 24-316

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