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Note: Most of the information on this page is very out-of-date. (As of Aug 2015)


Mega topics

Friday, 16 Sep 2011: Quiz 1, 2007, Rules problem

Useful (?) links

Lab grades/submissions: here

All grades/info: here

Quiz template:

Quiz template: template.odt

The students: Media:Pictures11.pdf

The student mail address:

Some Google-Docs notes from previous year?: TA Notes (some seem to be restricted-access)

Not clear what this is for: Grader admin interface

Quiz assignments

Potential helper column is filled with people for whom problem was a second choice; hence, they may be the best person to bounce an idea off of.

Topic Quiz TA Potential helper
Search q1 (9/28) Adam
Rules q1 (9/28) Avril
Games q2 (10/26) Erek Adam
Constraints q2 (10/26) Caryn Peter
Nearest neighbors and identification trees q3 (11/16) Avril Erek
Neural nets q3 (11/16) Gary
SVM q4 (12/7) Peter Caryn
Boosting q4 (12/7) Tanya

Lab assignments

These are just proposed, update based on what you actually want to do, but keep in mind it's probably a good idea for the person in charge of a lab to also be in charge of the corresponding quiz question.

Lab # Topic Released Due TAs
0 Python 9/10 9/16 Adam, Peter
1 Rules 9/14 9/23 Avril, Tanya
2 Search 9/21 9/30 Adam, Avril
3 Games 9/30 10/14 Erek, Caryn
4 CSP/Learning 10/21 11/4 Caryn, Peter
5 Neural Nets/Boosting 11/4 11/25 Gary, Tanya
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