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Much of the material in 6.034 is reinforced by online demonstrations developed by us or otherwise available on the web. The demonstrations developed by us are provided via the easy-to-use Java Web Start mechanism, which comes with the Java Runtime Environment, the so-called JRE.

The demonstrations illustrate the following ideas:

  • Blocks world manipulation (after Winograd)
  • Search: depth-first, breadth-first, hill-climbing, beam, branch and bound, A*
  • Games: mini-max, alpha-beta
  • Genetic algorithms: crossover, mutation, fitness
  • Constraint satisfaction: drawing analysis (after Waltz, using Huffman labels)
  • Domain reduction: map coloring, resource allocation
  • Biological mimetics: genetic algorithms, self-organizing maps, cross-modal clustering
  • Learning: nearest neighbors, support vector machines, lattice learning, boosting
  • Neural nets: autocoding, logistic regression

If you don't have the Java 8 Runtime Environment installed, you should install it first.

Because of Java security issues, you will need to do some preparation.

For those of you using the most recent version of Java 8, stricter security policies require one more fix: Navigate back to the Exception Site List (open Java Control Panel-->choose the security tab-->locate Exception Site List at the bottom) and add to the list as well (for more detail, see the preparation documentation linked above).

Then you can run the latest version.

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