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Topics and Playlist 2015

Assignment of material to quizzes is tentative, but final assignment will be announced well before each quiz.

srn in an assignment means the material will be in the "spiritual" and "right-now" part of the quiz. See Grading and collaboration policy.

September Day Topic Quiz # Playlist
9 Wed What it's all about Start me up, Stones
11 Fri Goal trees and problem solving 1 This could be the last time, Stones
14 Mon Rule-based expert systems (pp.53-60) 1 It's Only Rock and Roll
16 Wed Lightning review: Basic search 1 Searchin', Beatles
Route 66, Stones
18 Fri Optimal search 1 Trouble, Keith Richards
21 Mon Games 1 Olympic Anthem
23 Wed Constraints in interpretation 2srn I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Stones
25 Fri Constraints in resource allocation 2 Paint it Black, Stones
28 Mon Gerald J. Sussman: Propagator systems 2srn -
30 Wed Quiz 1 - -
October Day Topic Quiz # Playlist
1 Fri Nearest neighbor learning /Sleep 2 ABC song, Ray Charles et al.
5 Mon Identification tree learning 2 -
7 Wed Genetic algorithms 2srn Let's spend the night together, Stones
9 Fri Edward Boyden: Real neural nets 2srn -
12 Mon Holiday: Columbus day - -
13 Tue Neural net learning 3 19th Nervous Breakdown, Stones
14 Wed Deep neural nets 3srn Ain't no mountain high enough, Marvin Gaye
16 Fri Nancy Kanwisher: What lights up when you think 2srn -
19 Mon Learning in sparse spaces 3/3srn You talk too much, Peas
21 Wed Quiz 2 - -
23 Fri Learning from near misses 3/3srn Miss You, Stones
26 Mon Support-vector machines, SVM (and Boosting) Notes 3 Oh no, not you again, Stones
28 Wed Representation 3srn Engineer's Song, Chorallaries
30 Fri Mathew Wilson: What rats think about 3srn -
November Day Topic Quiz # Playlist
2 Mon Boosting (Winston and Ortiz notes), Boosting (Shapiri paper) 4 Workin' together, Ike and Tina Turner
4 Wed Architecture: GPS, SOAR, Subsumption, Society of Mind 4srn Thus spake Zarathustra, Strauss
6 Fri Stefanie Jegelka: Machine learning 4srn -
9 Mon The strong story hypothesis: more than you want to know 4srn Big Drum, Kodo
11 Wed Holiday: Columbus day - -
13 Fri Pawan Sinha: What the newly sighted see 4srn -
16 Mon Lightning review: Probability 4 Tumbling Dice, Stones
18 Wed Quiz 3 - -
20 Fri Probabilistic inference 4 Searchin', Coasters
23 Mon Vikash Mansinghka: Statistical systems 4srn Hallelujah Chorus
25 Wed The AI Biz - Money, Money, ABBA
27 Fri Holiday: Thanksgiving - -
30 Mon Boris Katz: Siri, Watson, language 4srn -
December Day Topic Quiz # Playlist
2 Wed Quiz 4 - -
4 Fri Julie Shah: Cooperative robots Final bonus srn -
7 Mon Five hypotheses + self-organizing maps, cross-modal clustering, and more Final bonus srn -
9 Wed How to prepare for the final, the future, what to take next, Final bonus srn

Don't stop, Stones

11 Fri - - -
14 Mon - - -
16 Wed Final, Johnson, 9-12 - -
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