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This lab is due by Wednesday, October 17 at 10:00pm.

Before working on the lab, you will need to get the code. You can...

  • Use Git on your computer: git clone
  • Use Git on Athena: git clone /mit/6.034/www/labs/lab5

All of your answers belong in the main file To submit your lab to the test server, you will need to download your file and put it in either your lab5 directory or its parent directory. You can also view all of your lab submissions and grades here.

Breaking down a problem into smaller sub-problems

For your convenience, we have split this lab into two sections. Part 1 covers the topic of identification trees, whereas Part 2 covers k-nearest neighbors.

You are expected to complete Part 1 (ID Trees) by Saturday, October 13.

You are expected to complete Part 2 (kNN) by Wednesday, October 17.

The final deadline to complete Lab 5 (both Part 1 (ID Trees) and Part 2 (kNN)) is Wednesday, October 17.

Note that if you submit online after completing part 1 (but before completing part 2), the tester will fail as expected for kNN tests. Don't fret! As long as you submit and pass all online tests by Wednesday, October 17, you will be awarded full lab credit.


Please answer these questions at the bottom of your lab file:

  • NAME: What is your name? (string)
  • COLLABORATORS: Other than 6.034 staff, whom did you work with on this lab? (string, or empty string if you worked alone)
  • HOW_MANY_HOURS_THIS_LAB_TOOK: Approximately how many hours did you spend on this lab? (number or string)
  • WHAT_I_FOUND_INTERESTING: Which parts of this lab, if any, did you find interesting? (string)
  • WHAT_I_FOUND_BORING: Which parts of this lab, if any, did you find boring or tedious? (string)
  • (optional) SUGGESTIONS: What specific changes would you recommend, if any, to improve this lab for future years? (string)

(We'd ask which parts you find confusing, but if you're confused you should really ask a TA.)

When you're done, run the online tester to submit your code.

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