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This page will change to reflect up-to-date changes in office hours (e.g. sudden cancellations, additions, or room changes.)

Weekly Office Hour Schedule

Feel free to visit any TA's office hours.

Wednesday, December 12 will be the last day of regularly-scheduled office hours.

Time TA Room Notes
Sunday 5-7PM Kifle 34-303
Monday 4-6PM Richard 36-144
Monday 7-9PM Smriti 36-144 Held 12/3 by Ariel
Tuesday 3-5PM Samir 34-301
Tuesday 4-6PM Sanchit 36-155
Wednesday 3-5PM Matt 34-302
Wednesday 5-7PM Ariel 26-314 Held 12/5 by Smriti
Thursday 11AM-1PM Suri 24-308 Held 12/6 by Victoria
Thursday 6-8PM Alex 26-328 Cancelled 12/6
Friday 4-6PM Victoria 34-303
Saturday 1-3PM Marie 26-204

Final Review Sessions

We will hold final review sessions on Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16 in 34-101. There will be a 1-hour review for each quiz topic, following the schedule below. If you haven't picked up your past quizzes, you may do so in 34-101 between review sessions (e.g. 11:55am - 12:05pm).

Saturday Times Topic
Sat 11 AM Identification Trees (Quiz 2)
Sat 12 PM k-Nearest Neighbors (Quiz 2)
Sat 1 PM Break
Sat 2 PM Constraint Propagation (Quiz 2)
Sat 3 PM Bayes (Quiz 4)
Sat 4 PM Boosting (Quiz 4)

Sunday Times Topic
Sun 11 AM Rule-Based Systems (Quiz 1)
Sun 12 PM Search (Quiz 1)
Sun 1 PM Break
Sun 2 PM Games (Quiz 1)
Sun 3 PM Support Vector Machines (Quiz 3)
Sun 4 PM Neural Networks (Quiz 3)

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