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* [[Staff | Staff email addresses]]
* [[Staff | Staff email addresses]]
* [[Tutorials | Tutorial assignments]]
* [[Tutorials | Tutorial assignments]]
* [[Office Hours | Office Hours]]
* [[Office Hours | Office Hours]]

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Welcome to the 2014 Edition of 6.034

Road map:

To see how 6.034 outcomes relate to the outcomes of other subjects in the Course 6 curriculum, see the graphical display in the 6.034 Curricular Goals Map

Logistical stuff:

Reference stuff:

  • Labs (also known as "problem sets")


3 September 2014

Next lecture is Monday, 8 September (no class on Friday, 5 September). Tutorials begin on Monday. If you have not filled out a tutorial availability form, fetch one from the plastic bin outside Professor Winston's office (32-251), fill it out, and put it back in marked place.

Rules of engagement are now explained in Frequently asked questions.

If you wish to take the subject, but have not yet signed up, please go through the add ritual as soon as practicable, so we can ask the department for more help.

June 2014

In the fall semester of 2014, 6.034 will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 to 11. Most, but not all of Professor Winston's lectures will be on Monday and Wednesday. On many, but not all Fridays, you will learn about what is happening in the field right now from someone who is doing work right now in an area related to the Monday and Wednesday lectures.

Examinations will cover material from the traditional lectures as well as the right-now lectures. It will be extremely difficult to field questions on the right-now material if you do not attend the right-now lectures because the material is not yet in textbooks or, in many cases, published papers.

Tutorials will meet weekly on Monday and Tuesday. On the first day of class, you will fill out a form that will enable us to assign you to a tutorial.

There are no recitations.

6.034 is no longer offered in the spring term.

More details will emerge during the first lecture on Wednesday, 3 September 2014.

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